Service theory and its influence in hospitality literature

Service and hospitality are very close concepts that influence each other in many different ways. When we talk about hospitality we not only refer to accommodation and the food-service sector, we also refer to travel, leisure, attractions, and conventions. The problem today is that when hospitality is commercially driven, it creates a conflicting phenomena –… Read More

How Hilton is addressing customers’ gaps between expectation and perception

At any hotel chain, in fact, at any business, there are few reasons why customer perceptions don’t match customer expectations. In the hotel industry, this problem is even more evident because hotel chains need to manage customer’s expectations for multiple brands. In the case of Hilton, they need to manage expectation for 14 different brands… Read More

How technology can improve guest satisfaction in Hotels

High-tech does not necessarily mean low-touch. As emerging technologies drive unprecedented change in the way hotels operate and serve customers, they must not forget that technology is a facilitator and not a replacement for guest services. New technologies can in fact enhanced guest services, improve operating efficiencies and increase revenues. The challenge for most companies… Read More